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Loans 100% granting. How do you find the best deal?


Fast online loans are a convenient way to easily get extra cash. It is also an attractive solution, because everyone has a chance for funds – without exception. Which lenders offer loans with high grantability and what are the special features of these payday loans?

Loan loan uneven – what to take?

Loan loan uneven - what to take?

Are you looking for a loan but listed in the debtors’ database? Do you care about time and fast cash? You probably know that in such a situation the chances of getting a bank loan are negligible. You must meet a number of specific conditions, which is not always possible. Waiting time for funds also requires a lot of patience and self-control. It is different in the case of loan companies, which are characterized by high granting, as well as granting loans on a more flexible basis. All you need to get money is an ID card, bank account and phone number.

Unlike banks, some loan companies accept applications from people with low earnings or even those who have a negative credit history and are in debt. They also propose a number of different types of so-called payday loans not only with a 30- but 60-day repayment period. Still others can spread installments over several years or consolidate debt from various liabilities into one whole, and even refinance existing liabilities. So you can see that the popularity of non-bank companies did not come from nowhere, and there are many reasons to use them.

100% granting loan – what is behind it?

100% granting loan - what is behind it?

The popularity of non-bank loans is also somewhat controversial. We hear a lot about “bush companies” that cheat on clients and misappropriate their property, and sometimes steal personal information. Therefore, knowing about existing threats, payday payday wages will not be a bad option when you seek help from a trustworthy institution, with a good reputation, reliable information and whose advertising slogans are consistent with the policy of operation.

What exactly lies under the general slogan: “100% grant grant” ? Is this a classic loan for everyone? This term can be understood as a simple process of applying for additional funds and the minimum of formalities necessary to make a commitment. Unlike banks, loan companies can afford the greater risk of providing financial support for them. Therefore, they have general conditions under which they verify potential customers:

  • age – some loan companies prefer the range from 21-75 years, and others from 18-80 years,
  • Polish nationality,
  • living in Poland,
  • having a bank account in a Polish bank and a phone number,
  • current email address.

To receive money, it is also necessary to complete the application and confirm your identity with a verification transfer for $ 1 / $ 1 or using applications such as Instantor or Infra. In many cases, the lender will not verify your employment or credit history. All you need is a statement about your income.

Loan companies sometimes ask you to send a bank statement, so you confirm the regularity of incoming receipts.

Is there a loan with 100% grant?

Is there a loan with 100% grant?

The high competition among non-bank companies means that a quick loan via the Internet is possible for everyone regardless of their financial situation. You can apply for it not only if you have permanent employment and monthly payment, but even if:

  • you have a different source of income – e.g. based on a mandate or work contract, you get “Family 500+” benefit or pre-retirement benefit,
  • you receive irregular payments to your account,
  • you don’t have creditworthiness,
  • you have large expenses compared to your earnings,
  • you have a bailiff and you are on the list of debtors – e.g. KRD or BIK,
  • you do not have a credit history – e.g. because you are young.

Is this equivalent to a loan with 100% grant? It turns out that the so-called a loan for everyone is not always possible. It is true that the vast majority of lenders have a very high percentage of positively verified applications (over 95%). However, it would be a lie to say that everyone can receive an instant payday card anytime, anywhere. This group does not include people who do not have any income, with a large amount of debt. Mostly applicants who have already entered into a commitment with another loan company will not get loans. Only after its repayment can they apply for additional cash. Minors and those who do not comply with the lender’s age limit also have nothing to count on for additional cash.

How do you choose the best loan offer?

How do you choose the best loan offer?

Cash loans for everyone are financial commitments offered exclusively by loan companies. Banks make much more accurate verification of applications and reject those too risky. Therefore, online payday loans will never be a bank loan, because the bank will never grant money to a person who has inadequate creditworthiness or is listed in the debtors’ bases.

In the case of a loan with a large grant, you can complete all the formalities online, and you can use the extra cash for any purpose. The procedure itself is limited to:

  • choosing an offer from reliable and known lenders,
  • completing the loan application with the amount and date of repayment,
  • indication and processing of personal data.

Later, wait for the decision to grant funds, which should come in the next few minutes. So this is a big advantage if you particularly care about time.

Fast online loans also mean payday loans in 15 minutes. This usually means the time for considering the application and granting the loan decision – and sometimes the transfer itself.

Loans with high grants are also real estate loans and loans based on a statement. The application process itself is identical to that of a short-term loan, and thanks to the minimum requirements it is available to virtually everyone.

Non-bank loans 100% grant – where to look?

Non-bank loans 100% grant - where to look?

As for lenders who offer loans with the highest granting, these include well-established companies. They usually offer the first free payday loan with an APRC of 0%.

In a word, there is no such product on the financial market that is 100% granted to everyone. There can be many reasons: lack of age, inappropriate age, lack of any income or even horrendously high indebtedness, which means that there is too much risk of the loan being returned. Therefore, a stable income and relatively stable financial situation always guarantee that you will receive a loan in the amount that you actually apply for.

Interestingly, lenders take into account not only the employment contract, but any proceeds from reliable sources. Of course, this does not provide a loan with 100% granting, but it gives you a good chance of positive consideration of the application.

If you are looking for an attractive loan with 100% grantability, get acquainted with the offer of several lenders, which you will find in the Red Piggy Bank ranking. Remember that if one loan company refuses to cooperate, another can easily borrow money.