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Prepaid credit card with credit balance

This is based on the use of services that are covered by prepaid credit accounts. With a prepaid card, you have a previously charged credit. The term prepaid credit cards refers to credit cards without credit information, which are also referred to as prepaid cards. Simply charge via e-banking, mobile banking app or inpayment slip – and pay safely and conveniently anywhere in the world. Like a standard credit card, the prepaid credit card is not linked to a bank account.

This will charge a prepaid credit card.

This will charge a prepaid credit card.

When you buy a prepaid credit card in Switzerland, you will generally want to make the payment and all associated transactions very easy in Switzerland. Of course, this also includes the pure billing. But how does billing a prepaid credit card actually work? There are now several ways to debit the turnover of a prepaid credit card.

Here is spoken either by the traditional prepaid or by the debit procedure. Let’s take a look at how traditional prepaid credit card billing works: A prepaid credit card, as most consumers are probably aware, must always be topped up before it can be used as a form of payment.

He therefore has no factual credit function, but converts only the credit of the user in the respective ID function. This means that there is no financial credit limit for a prepaid credit card. In other words, you set the current financial availability limit by the corresponding charge amount. Just as uncomplicated as this principle is the billing with the conventional prepaid card.

Behind it always hides a linked credit card account, on which the transactions are booked. If the payment is now made by credit card, the booking will take place almost simultaneously on the card account and the money will be debited from the existing credit. If this is also used up, the memory card must be refilled. Let us now turn to the second accounting method mentioned here.

Evolution of the traditional prepaid procedure

Evolution of the traditional prepaid procedure

To a certain extent, this is an evolution of the traditional prepaid procedure, which should make it easier for consumers to settle. By direct debit, the credit card is linked directly to a current account. This has the greatest benefit of no longer having to charge credit for charging the credit card.

This is how it works: During the payment process, the payment amount is cleared in real time to the current bank account connected to the credit card. This results in a financial credit limit that is exactly equal to the current balance of the current account. If the player account no longer has sufficient credit for the current payment transaction, it will be canceled easily.

In this case, you can not pay off with your credit card. Cleverly simple – uncomplicated and thoughtful! Which billing method you use depends on the provider. In principle, however, one can say: Regrettably, in most cases, the vast majority of the traditional prepaid billing method is still used today, even though the debit method has been used on the B?

Unfortunately, it will take a long time for the new, much more comfortable approach to finally take hold. It still raises the question of how the client is informed about the bill. The user receives an access name and a password to log in to their credit card account.